15โ€“18 DOORS OPEN, 8-bit flea market (ATK-MARKET), Hat Trick Qualifications
20โ€“02 Hat Trick Finals, DJ Jangler live & DJ Mayor
– SID music forever!
Full bar, 30+ arcade cabinets, joyful times, merry people.

Facebook event:

Twitch stream (begins SAT 15:00):

The 2023 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship will be co-hosted by Tampere, Finland and Riga, Latvia. However, this is just a front and the real deal is bubbling under the hood, so let’s dig a little deeper.

During the 2023 Ice Cockey World Championship in Tampere it’s time to battle between the REAL hockey players. Who has the best shot for the trophy, not to mention bragging rights for life! Our professional eSports announcer will sure hype it up but bringing your friends to cheer is highly encouraged.

The definitive C64 Hat Trick Finnish Championship tournament takes place on 20th of May at ZBase, Tampere, Finland. Read more about the tournament, grab the poster and check how to register here.

In addition to the tournament, the event will feature a flea market, where low end tech enthusiasts can buy and sell classic hard- and software from the golden era of gaming. This flea market promises to be a treasure trove for anyone interested in vintage gear, with a wide range of hardware and accessories available for purchase. Read more about the flea market and reserve your table here.

But that’s not all! To get everything out if it, Zoo Klubi (Zoo Club) spices up the whole evening until 2:00 am with SID music, demos, games to play and a gig by DJ Jangler. Our trustworthy partner ZBase is a licensed bar so no worries about keeping your throat moist during the whole event.

The event is organized by Zooparty ry who is known for it’s world famous ZOO party demoscene events.

See you in Tampere 20th of May!