Stocking old gear under your bed? 80s software collecting dust – games you were suppose to play but ‘that box’ has been staring at you for the past twenty years? Well, it’s time to let it all go…

This is an invitation to sell your s#it at The 8-Bit Flea Market held 3-6 pm on Saturday 20th of May at the ZOOCLUB 20233 event in ZBase, Tampere Finland.

We have lots, but still limited amount of table space so if you don’t have that much to sell, we’ll ask you to share your table with someone else. With only a few items you can as well just leave the stuff to be sold at our common table – free of charge of course.

Remember that ZOO is all about C64 and old 8-bit machines so no reason to bring your 2000s gear. 8-bits yes, Amiga yes, old PC gear yes, curiosities and old weird equipment are more than welcome.
The sellers will be sent further information before the actual event.